Avian Welfare Coalition (2)

At Organic Pet Retailer we are passionate about the well being, happiness and wellbeing of oneself and your pets. Founded in 2006, we are an independent, Australian owned, all-natural overall health meals retailer for pets primarily based in Sydney, Australia.

The African dwarf frogs can be a stimulating addition to your aquarium. You could hold them with other fish, but see that they do not starve. They are genuinely slow and by the time they go and consume what you gave, the other fish may have gobbled up almost everything. Also, they are slow eaters and really dumb who won’t be in a position to fight for food with other members of the tank.

When my betta fish is asleep he seems to always lay over on his side. He swims around in the bowl and he eats and does almost everything typical. Its just that he scares me due to the fact when we go to bed at evening im not positive if he is going to wake up with me in the morning. For the past couple of weeks I have been coming home on my lunch break to check on him and he is swimming in his fish bowl like nothing at all is wrong. Possibly it is a comfy way for him to sleep? I had my betta fish since he was a baby and I have had him for virtually a year now and he have been sleeping fine unitl now. please support me I do not no if he is sick or not. Need to I take him to the vet? please support me I love my fish and I never want him to suffer.

I went to go feed him, and I believed he was dead…he was just laying on the bottom, but when i moved the tank, he kinda moved about a bit…but then he just laid back down on the bottom of the tank. He’s barely swimming, and when he is, he’s swimming all weird. He just lays there… each and every time i go to his tank, i think he’s dead.

I consider the funds used for adoption fees could be put to much better use such as food and future vet bills. The cost to begin caring for a dog is high enough with all the meals, beds, collars, leashes, tick handle, and so forth. It would absolutely place a lot of prospective loving owners off.

I have five adopted pets, 2 dogs and 3 birds. The fee is necessary for the factors you stated. My dog Duke was used as bait for dog fights. He was missing a tiny chunk from his ear and had quite a few scars on his paws and even had part of his tail chewed off. A charge is to avert people from collecting pets for inhumane and cruel acts.I have spent more than $1000 in adoption costs and I would do it all more than once again. Thanks for writing this.

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