Avian Welfare Coalition (3)

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Garlic is a all-natural broad-spectrum antibiotic. The active antibiotic agent in garlic is allicin (a sulfur compound). Allicin is produced when garlic is chopped, chewed or bruised. Garlic also has several other wellness promoting properties which includes antioxidant, anti-allergen, anti-fungal, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

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An additional shitty ass law made for shitty ass reasons. Excuse the language, but when I heard that this bill had passed and so a lot of previously kept animals were all of a sudden thrown onto the restricted list almost overnight, I wanted to cry. I do not even reside anywhere near Ohio, but I can realize the destruction this will cause and I have witnessed the discomfort in men and women who have had to give up their animals due to factless, pointless, ruthless governmental manage. This country is going to pot, and a lot more typically then not I think about moving elsewhere.

I was searching to adopt a rescued Cavalier King Charles puppy from a shelter that rescues from puppy mills. When I asked about the adoption costs they told me that they charge $625.00 for these dogs??! I think that a re-homing/adoption charge up to around $300 could be essential but I really feel that the quantity that this shelter wanted was over the top.

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