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Female rats and mice will smell less than male rats and mice, but I have 3 female rats in 1 cage, and 1 male mouse in another. My one, tiny male mouse smells worse than my 3. larger female rats.

Also, I know you talked about it in your comments, but I was asking yourself if you considered editing the caging section to specifically mention the worth of open-air/wire cages vs. closed aquarium sort caging for rats? It is nonetheless extremely typical to buy ten gallon tanks for rats it appears, and even a lot of of the pet stores nonetheless do this.

Straw, of course, is the traditional method to maintaining pets warm in the winter. Hay need to not be utilised, considering that it contains weeds, leaves and seeds that can annoy or get into your pets fur. Straw needs to be changed regularly, since dogs have a tendency to carry in moisture and mud, make the straw useless as an insulation device.

The Super” tour is staged by long-time Pet Shop Boys designer Es Devlin and choreographer Lynne Page and will stick to their sold-out residency of 4 nights at the Royal Opera Property in London. The band are collaborating for reside music arrangements with Stuart Price, who created and mixed their newest album along with 2013’s Electric.

It really is a myth that prices are higher at independent stores. Tiny retailers don’t have the overhead of middle management, pushy advertising campaigns, and payouts to stockholders. If only we had a dollar for every time a person stated, I just purchased that product at BigBoxPetStore and paid more”. Do not assume, shop and compare.

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