CT Scans

Positron emission tomography (PET or PET scan) is a specialized radiology process utilised to examine a variety of physique tissues to identify particular conditions. CT scan tidak dianjurkan untuk wanita hamil, kecuali jika secara medis diperlukan karena potensi resiko bagi bayi sedangkan pemeriksaan pada ibu yang sedang dalam masa menyusui harus menunggu selama 24 jam setelah injeksi bahan kontras sebelum melanjutkan menyusui.

Apart from its established part as a diagnostic strategy, PET has an expanding function as a strategy to assess the response to therapy, in distinct, cancer therapy, 51 exactly where the danger to the patient from lack of understanding about illness progress is a lot greater than the threat from the test radiation.

Dr B A Krishna – Head of Nuclear Medicine & PET Imaging, Bombay Hospital, explains By reducing isotope dose, the radiation burden to the patient is substantially decreased and this has been out major concern specifically in tiny children who repeatedly undergo these scans throughout remedy adhere to up. The reduced time tends to make it extremely patient friendly and even patients with claustrophobia can undergo the procedures”.

For instance, a PET scan is the most precise, non-invasive way to inform whether or not or not a tumor is benign or malignant, sparing sufferers high-priced, often painful diagnostic surgeries and suggesting treatment possibilities earlier in the course of the illness.

The excellent dual CT and MR visibility of TraceIT hydrogel will simplify image fusion, enabling for enhanced soft tissue alignment, resulting in enhanced radiotherapy plan accuracy and might help with cone beam CT verification during image guided treatment” stated Josh Yamada, MD, Radiation Oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

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