Exotic Animal Laws

All across the nation, in Americans’ backyards and garages and living rooms, in their beds and basements and bathrooms, wild animals kept as pets reside side by side with their human owners. The new Nat Geo Wild program features an exotic pet vet in Deerfield Beach who often derides exotic pet owners even though collecting checks from them. These exotic animals can be purchased from a pet shop or even from an on the internet pet retailer, but to adopt a sugar glider can be the least expensive alternative that you have. Regulations of wild animal possession regularly come in the wake of attacks by pets.

Exotic pets are practically in no way identified with rabies (the only cases I’ve situated are a couple of ferrets and a single pet raccoon, click here for a lot more information). A very frank, real and open discussion of huge cats as pets, the dangers and rewards, and the pitfalls of owning big cats as pets. I wish folks could think about that exotic animals differ from 1 and other as significantly as pet owners do. Positioned in Florida, Massive Cat Rescue is sanctuary that is dedicated to caring for exotic cats.

The tiny monkey pox outbreak was one of them, and is an example often cited by exotic pet trade detractors. Summary of State Laws Relating to Private Possession of Exotic Animals , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised Oct. The film was largely primarily based on lions captive to a physically and financially feeble owner and other such mismatches in the realm of exotic animal husbandry. Exotic pet forums give potential pet owners the opportunity to understand from people who have years of knowledge.

Numerous individuals think it wrong to keep wild/exotic animals as pets or in captivity, and this satirical (or is it?) article will discover dogs with the same logic. For a additional discussion of these problems, see Bridget M. Kuehn, Wildlife Pets Create Ethical, Practical Challenges for Veterinarians , Journal of the American Veterinary Health-related Association, offered at (July 15, 2004). The release of up to 51 species of wild animals from a private farm in Zanesville, Ohio, has raised inquiries about what is and is not legal when it comes to owning exotic animals.

Effectively, I am not anti-exotic pet, since exotic pets can be hazardous, whether or not it really is snake or a spider, and so forth. Following the late Steve Irwin was accused of animal exploitation and even fueling the exotic pet trade, Bindi Irwin is now under fire for becoming an Ambassador for SeaWorld.

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