This is the best group of individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working” with I use that term loosely due to the fact it is just so much enjoyable and rewarding!! At times, the reality of homeless dogs can look so overwhelming – It might have practically been less difficult for animal lovers to think that the majority of pit bull owners have been irresponsible and required policing, as San Francisco and other cities have accomplished.

I’m pondering of getting a cat but still taking into consideration heavily about it. I heard from other individuals that cats stink more than dogs and taht they have much more microscopic worms and diseases but I feel with suitable sanitation this can be under handle.

Next to chihuahuas and tiny dog mixes, dogs described as pit bulls are some of the most common dog ‘types’ in all of CA. In the SF bay region, we can boast some of the very best mannered ‘block heads’ you will discover in the country, thanks to the dedication of hundreds of responsible dog owners and advocates who live here.

For these in this difficult position, don’t forget that our dogs are not objective, and lack the comprehensive capability to be so. In no way mistake a tail wag for a want to persist: they reside and breath and desire nothing other than pleasing you, seeing you, and producing you call them by their sweet nick names.

I never consider anybody with affordable intelligence really believes that Carole would shut down her facility and be cat-significantly less for the rest of her life (nor does it sound believable that the current volunteers would be pleased going back to operating at animal shelters with domesticated cats and dogs) she just knows that the flow of animals will never actually disappear in her lifetime.

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