How Dogs Operate (2)

Telling men and women their pets have cancer is probably the worst component of my job. However, I have to do it with some regularity.

You can have a vet examine the dog. If it really is an adult and there aren’t any balls, then much more than probably he’s neutered. You need to attempt to uncover the owner of the dog, and until you can make certain the dog is of good wellness, keep him away from your dogs so that they don’t contract anything from him.

According to me must not be killed simply because they also have equal rights to live on this anybody says that they need to be killed its not because if they want to know cause why ask the person who saved with the support of dogs is conditions like bomblast,kidnapping,robbery….. we ought to not neglect that we are SOCIAL ANIMALS that which resembles that we have capability to think and even to comprehend the feelings of who are telling that they should be killed they lost their values,patience and capability to need to comprehend that one doesn’t have correct to kill other living organism and have to not neglect that no human getting can’t with a organic balance the ecology give us a lot of indirect positive aspects.Stray dogs must not be culled but vaccinated,sreilised and de-wormedridding their body of parasites.

It is observed that the stray dog menace happens mostly in the places exactly where there are street meat and fish markets and hotels. To discard or litter the waste along the road sides need to be penalized and the door to door collection of food wastes by the municipal authorities must be encouraged rather of the road side bins.

I am so stressed about this issue I have been in tears today more than it. I have 2 dogs, each mix breed rescues, one particular is 10 months and 1 is 7 years. We have a home with a massive 750M2 garden and chickens. Each dogs have figured out how to squeeze below the chain link fence and get into my next door neighbours chicken coop, they do not harm the chickens, but steal eggs and any meals scraps, my neighbour has repeatedly complained to me and I have spent hours fixing the fence where they break out only for them to break out somewhere else. They also repeatedly break into my chicken coop. The only solution I can believe of is to build a six foot wasll about my garden but I cannot afford to do this. The other selection is to chain them up which I do not want to do. They are walked each and every day, well fed and they have been punished enough instances to know what they are undertaking is incorrect. I am at my wits finish. Please help!

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