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Species extinction is a sad point, specially when the creatures that go extinct are really gorgeous. Debbie Leahy, manager of captive wildlife protection at the Humane Society of the United States, said that it is less complicated for somebody in Wisconsin to own a unsafe exotic animal, such as a tiger, than to personal a native animal, such as a white-tailed deer.

Besides getting challenged for discriminating between classifications of exotic pet owners and domestic pet owners, regulations have also been challenged for discriminating between private pet ownership and other possessions of wild animals for research and educational purposes.

Any domestic or exotic pet owner need to voluntarily have liability coverage, but if it takes a state law to make that occur, so be it. If a key issue takes place, liability insurance protects the injured individual from footing the bill for attainable major health-related costs &/or to employ a lawyer to recover those healthcare charges from the owner and protects the owner from possible economic ruin.

The recent ‘python hunt’ has possibly place a damper on their populations, the ‘massive’ count of snakes captured totaling 68. There are fairly a couple of species of exotic pets living in Florida as well as domesticated animals and pet birds, many intentionally released species, some escape by way of the agricultural industry, hundreds of exotic plants the area is heavily infested at this point.

An unfortunate reality is that many larger maintenance pets are re-homed when they are bought on a whim by folks who think that if an animal is for sale, it have to make a ‘reasonable’ pet with qualities like domesticated cats and dogs. Dr. Kingsley is an Austin vet who specializes in the remedy of birds, exotic pets and small mammals.

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