Positron Emission Tomography(PET) Or PET

Quite common imaging strategies for cancer individuals are CAT scans and PET scans. Jika dulu yang dikenal untuk mendeteksi kanker adalah dengan metode CT Scan (Computed Tomography Scan) yaitu mendeteksi untuk mengetahui letak kanker dengan menggunakan sinar x, PET CT scan ini merupakan metode yang menggabungkan metode PET (Positron Emission Tomography) dan CT. Dalam metode PET, skrining kanker dilakukan dengan menggunakan cairan radiofarmaka FDG, cairan glukosa yang beradio aktif.

If the final results of this study are confirmed in future investigation, this could have far-reaching clinical, ethical and legal implications, like whether or not to offer you an apparently unconscious patient discomfort relief and, ultimately, whether therapies that may possibly be maintaining an individual alive need to be continued or not,” he stated.

Alone, each imaging test has particular benefits and limitations, but by combining these PET and CT scanning technologies, physicians can far more accurately diagnose, localize and monitor cancer, as nicely as heart disease and specific brain problems.

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