Rapid And Dirty Ideas

Each day I will post a Quicksketch of a dog. In the future I may post longer sketches and paintings but for now… just a Dog A Day.

My lab is great as long as he is in our fenced in backyard. However, when we travel into open regions he has the tendency to wander away from me. Thankfully he’s very friendly so no a single has gotten hurt, but I be concerned about the day when we walks up to a dog with a poor attitude.

I took the Face Recognition, Emotion Perception, and Character test (Update: This test is no longer offered, but other ones are.) lately, and sadly did not do significantly far better than I did a couple of years ago when I took it. I am nevertheless not recognizing faces. The face recognition portion of the test involves me guessing most of the time….. It is a frustrating test to take if you have prosopagnosia, so be warned!

They also pose a lot threat to road commuters, specifically to cyclists and two wheelers, traveling at dusk. They chase these travelers, in most circumstances, cross frenziedly across the streets unexpected. The outcome is obvious, the travelers hurt and left to bleed on the roadside and in some cruel instances, attacked by these ruthless packs. With their bites, men are at the danger of contracting Rabies.

I have a ten month old lab mix who was just neutered two days ago. The 1st night house he was fairly groggy from the pain meds and slept all night. BUT, considering that then he has been Quite hyper and needy. Of course he’s a puppy, and is usually a small on the needy/hyper side, but this is just a lot a lot more than usual! Is this typical? He is on Rimadyl because the vet wanted him to stay as calm as achievable for 5-7 days with no jumping around. So a lot for that!!

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