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There are roughly ten million dogs kept in the UK Pet Meals Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) 2014.

he just dosnt care. if a blanket was put on him he would lie there, grinning moronically. if a treat was placed below a cup, he would leave it. it took us a month to teach him how to sit and he nonetheless barely gets it. he dosnt usually respond to his own name but he is sensible, he is just actually lazy. he just dosn’t care.

Don’t be concerned about the test results. So your dog is not going to the local MENSA meeting, she loves you!!!!!!!! Obtaining had a genuinely sensible dog once, I do not like being outsmarted by my dog! Its a lot far better to be the wonderful Mommy who can solve something!

He is probably about 6 years old. Other than the hope to calm him and hopefully eliminating the sticky drops on the floor from his penis, I never know if it would be worth the danger to have him neutered at this point. (He doesn’t hump or something like that). The greatest fear is he would be that 1 in a million that one thing would go incorrect for. It would be devastating to my (currently emotionally troubled) son.

However, I was questioning if it feasible that he might be trying to get our attention by undertaking this to tell us one thing is wrong. Also, his incisions appear funny. Yes, plural. If he is lying on his back and you are searching at him, there is a two-inch incision starting at the base of his penis that goes up. There is an additional modest 1 to the appropriate of that that is about an inch long pointed kinda like this: \ is this typical? Thanks!

It appears like he is spoiled due to the fact when he was a 4 months my husband use to invest all the time with him play and right all his bad behavior but now that we do not have time he is getting acting poor, and my husband wants to place him down because he tried to bite me.

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